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HY wholesale fashion jewelry, cheap wholesale fashion jewelry
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By HY jewelry | 12 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Metallic bracelet.. What does 18K mean?

  K does not mean money! It is about the fineness (gold content) of yellow and platinum products!
The high-purity gold jewelry sold in the general market is mostly 99.99% gold content, that is, 24K gold in the market, and so on, 18/24=3/4, and 18K gold products contain 75% gold. Come, compare the 18K gold jewelry your boyfriend gave you with the 10 yuan gadget you bought yourself. You really wronged him.

In addition, using K as the standard for judging the color of precious metals is also applicable to platinum (ie platinum). Most of the white gold in what we usually call a "white gold ring with diamonds" is 18K, because high-purity gold or platinum is very good. Soft, if you use 24K yellow and white gold to set diamonds, it is likely that the diamond will fall off due to insufficient metal hardness. Therefore, most of the yellow and white gold jewelry generally used to set diamonds are 18K.

Finally, it must be pointed out that 18K yellow and white gold jewelry is also widely welcomed by the market for its excellent quality. The relatively low price is still quite attractive to many students like you who have no financial resources or low income groups. . He will give you a gift like this now, it will neither lose face nor appear too extravagant. It can be said that it is more appropriate for your current age. When you have work in the future and have money, I believe he will give it to you. 24K pure gold jewelry, but by then, will the 18K bracelet you get now be more memorable and meaningful!

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